Our Ever-Changing and Complex Healthcare System: What You Need to Know



1:00 – 3:00pm

Berkshire Museum


4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10,

5/17, 5/24

Six Sessions

The third in a series of OLLI courses focusing on our complex healthcare systems and institutions, this course will once again endeavor to highlight and take an in-depth view of selected healthcare subjects in the news and confounding all of us as we work to navigate the maze of our health “system.”

Session 1 • Healthcare Around the World vs. The United States (Josephson & Fisher)

Has anyone found the “secret sauce,” balancing access, cost & quality?

Session 2 • Evidence-Based Care (Josephson & Fisher)

What do we mean by “evidence-based?” How we know what treatments and drugs work, and which do not?

Session 3 • The Affordable Care Act Update: 2019 (Josephson)

What’s up? Where are we now? What’s next?

Session 4 • 2019 Health Care Updates (Josephson)

Important changes and trends in our healthcare, from the opioid epidemic and physician burnout, to concierge medicine and models of care.

Session 5 • Choices & Decisions (Josephson & Pellish)

Navigating through the many choices and decisions facing when navigating through our complex healthcare system.

Session 6 • Understanding Dementia: Alzheimer’s & Other Causes (Liptzin)

An update on causes, diagnosis, potential prevention and treatment.

Gordon Josephson, MD, MPH, is the principal instructor and moderator. He is a retired former Emergency Physician (1977-1997) and Chief Operating Officer (1997-2015) of Baystate Medical Practices (600 physicians and advanced practice clinicians).

In addition he was part of a multispecialty practice within Baystate Health, Springfield, MA.

Guest instructors include Ben Liptzin, MD (Dementia), Andrew Fisher, MD (International Health & Evidence Based Medicine), and Larry Pellish, MD (Decisions and Choices.)

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