Get Hooked on Flyfishing   Lottery



4:00pm – 5:30pm

Berkshire Community College

Room F-203


4/16, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7,

5/14, 5/21

Six Sessions

Learn the fundamentals of the art of fly fishing - the equipment, the process, how to cast

and how to present different types of flies to waiting fish. Discussions will cover the cost

involved, fly fishing knots, entomology, where to fish and the importance of conservation

to protect and preserve our nation’s fisheries. Trout Unlimited’s Taconic Chapter has

generously agreed to supply fly rods, reels, line, leaders, and flies for use during the

classes. Class sessions will include indoor practice as well as a fly casting and fishing

lesson in a stream. Participants will need waders for the “in stream” lesson. Women are

especially encouraged to try out this contemplative outdoor sport. LOTTERY: 12


Suggested Reading: Fly Fishing for Dummies, by Peter Kaminsky, IDG Books Worldwide, 1998; Fly Fishing Made Easy, 3rd ed., by Michael Rutter and Dave Card, The Globe Peqot Press, 1994; The Fly Fisherman’s Bible, by Jim Bashline, Doubleday, 1993

Trout Unlimited instructors include William Travis, John Burns and others. All instructors have extensive fly fishing experience in streams, rivers, ponds and lakes from shore or wading, and from water craft.

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