Explore modern art at the Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio (FMH&S) in Lenox with director Kinney Frelinghuysen, artist and nephew of Suzy Frelinghuysen and George L. K. Morris. He will guide and enrich your understanding and enjoyment of modern and abstract art using the priceless collection at FMH&S, slides, hands-on exercises, and behind-the-scenes peeks at New England’s first Modernist structure. LIMITED REGISTRATION.
September 21 • How to Look at Paintings – Feel intimidated by abstract art? Know Picasso is famous but don’t know why? Using Cubist masters, we will look at the language of abstraction and gain confidence in discussing it with our peers. Kinny Frelinghuysen will use slides and original material to facilitate the modern art viewing experience. (Held in classroom.)

September 28 • Color Workshop – We will learn how to view modern art through the doorway of color. Basic principles of color are touched on briefly in a house tour. Later, in the classroom, we will manipulate colored paper through choices in hue, value, and saturation. (Held in house, studio & classroom.)

October 5 • Shape Workshop – To learn how the brain “reads” shape as artistic vocabulary when viewing art and architecture, we will do simple warm-up and contour exercises. Sketch pads, charcoal, colored paper and collage materials provided. (Held in classroom.)

October 12 • Exercises in Color and Shape…and Coffee
– Using sets of graduated colors and pre-selected simple design grids, we will experience the process behind creating modern art. Feel free to bring in an example of an artwork for discussion over coffee in the Guest House—a private art-filled apartment on the grounds of the estate used for housing visiting scholars and lecturers. (Held in classroom and Guest House.)


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